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WINTERS FLAT PS Achievements 2014 – 2015 pls see details of WFPS Achievements 2014 – 2015

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COMMUNITY LEADERS handing out KOOKA AWARD – Care for the Environment Award

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WINTERS FLAT PS NEEDS TO CELEBRATE – pls see details of celebrating 1 STAR

Meet KOOKA, our Care Kookaburra, who is awarded to the lucky winners each week to help care for their environment!

Meet KOOKA, our Care Kookaburra, who is awarded to the lucky winners each week to help care for their environment!

Care for Environment Award
The students of 3/4B hosted assembly this week, on Monday the 9th of December, and showed the school the work they have been doing this term using recycled materials to make musical instruments and other individual creations. Congratulations on all your hard work, 3/4B, enjoy Kooka this week!

Prep/1A were the happy recipients of Kooka at assembly, on Monday the 2nd of December, for their good work in caring for their zone in the school yard.

The students of 5/6C have been doing economics projects which were presented, in comic style, when they hosted assembly. One group came up with an ingenious “recycling” machine, that converted old things into new ones. For this creative reason, 5/6C are the winners of this week’s Kooka Environment award – well done, you definitely have “Ad” Talent in our books!

This week’s Kooka Environment award went, very deservedly, to Jeanette for caring for the environment by leading our whole school focus on improved sustainability (presented at assembly 11/11/13).

Winters Flat Primary School had a huge success at the Castlemaine Show on the weekend. They won numerous ribbons, certificates and a trophy, and the prizes were proudly displayed at assembly on Monday, 5th November. In view of that, this week Kooka and the Care for Environment Award went to Terry for all his hard work with the kitchen gardens – thank you, Terry!

Grade 1/2TB were the winners again this week, receiving their certificate at assembly on Monday 28th of October, demonstrating that this award goes to those who are genuinely doing the most to keep our school clean and evironmentally-friendly. The students were commended this time for caring for the environment by taking great
care in the school garden and keeping things tidy. You’re great role models for us all, 1/2TB!

1/2TB were the first winners of Term 4, at assembly on Monday 21st October, for their excellent efforts in keeping the school clean and especially for remembering to empty the staff room’s compost bucket – thank you 1/2TB!

At assembly on Monday, the 17th of September, Mrs Rooney showed the school a small bag of rubbish that was the result of an entire week’s worth of rubbish from 4/5F’s classroom. Due to this amazing effort to reduce their rubbish, the students of 4/5F won this week’s Care for Environment Award.

After weekly clean-ups of their zone in the school grounds, Prep/1A won the Care for Environment award at assembly on Monday the 9th of September.

2/3W won the Care for Environment Award this week, and recceived their certificate at assembly on Monday the 26th of August, for taking all of their rubbish home – what a fantastic effort!

Congratulations to 3/4W for winning the Care for Environment Award at assembly last Monday, the 19th of August, for all their hard work in picking up rubbish around the school at recess and lunchtimes.

Well done to Prep/1M for being the first class to win the Care for Environment Award at assembly on Monday, the 12th of August. We hope the rest of the school can continue to follow your example and remember your advice, to Please Leave Your Rubbish at Home!

National Water Week Poster Competition
This annual state-wide competition was open to all primary schools. The theme for the 2013 National Water Week was ‘Liveable Communities’ but students could choose any local or global water issue to feature in their work.
Students were asked to create an A3 poster using paint, pencils, photos, felt pens, collage materials or computer graphics.
We were thrilled to welcome representatives from Coliban Water to Monday’s assembly to present our prizes – especially exciting was the news that Thomas Barker (Grade 2) was the regional winner for Grade 1 and 2. Thomas was delighted with his prize which was a box of experiments.
Water poster winners

Certificate of Commencement
Congratulations to Jeanette and the other members of the Winters Flat Sustainability Group for receiving a Certificate of Commencement to the ResourceSmart program. The certificate was presented in front of the staff of Winters Flat by Ellen, the regional ResourceSmart representative, on Tuesday the 13th of August. Well done for all the hard work that has gone into achieving this important first step towards reaching 5 STAR Sustainability Certification at Winters Flat Primary School.
sustainability group


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