Castlemaine Schools’ Plastic Forum July ’17

Winters Flat Primary School hosted an information sharing forum where we learned more about making smart choices around plastic. We know how serious the problem of waste plastic in the environment is and we’re excited to be part of local and international initiatives like Plastic Free Castlemaine and Plastic Free July.

Plastic Forum report

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Trailer load





ResourceSmart School Awards submission for ‘Waste School of the Year’ 2015;

WFPS WASTE CASE STUDY for 5 STARS – pls see link for submission for waste awards







WFPS WASTE Data & Results 2014 – 2015 – pls see link for WFPS data 2015

Landfill data




worm farm






Junior School Council Waste Audit
Junior School Council students organise waste audit in Term 4 to help raise awareness about litter.

JSC at assembly

JSC at assembly

Representatives of Winters Flat Sustainability Group: Julie, Janine and Lisa

– Nude Food (zero waste policy) to be implemented at school
– Janine to come into classrooms to help students “audit” the contents of their bins and reorganise into rubbish, recycling and compost containers. To be reviewed in order to monitor students’ progress and improvement.
– Senior departments to make signs to encourage good recycling and waste management practices throughout the school
– School grounds to be divided into zones and allocated to classes for monitoring/collection of rubbish
– Integrated unit with focus on waste to be developed by staff and implemented in curriculum in 2014

Click on the link to view a map of the school grounds marked with the classes that has been allocated to care for each zone:
Care For Areas – whole school
P1A RubbishPickup

Students caring for their

Students caring for their “zone” in a weekly rubbish pick-up

National Recycling Week
National Recycling Week is on from the 11th to the 17th of November. The overall aim for National Recycling Week is: ‘To increase the environmental benefits, including greater tonnage and less contamination, of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs’. Click on the link below for more details.
National Recycling Week 11th – 17th Nov 2013
national recycling week
Read the article from the Winters Flat school newsletter, Flatchat, to see what creative ideas the teachers and students came up with to help celebrate National Recyling Week:
National Recycling Week flatchat

Freaky Box Construction
Students in Prep/1J are getting a head start on National Recycling Week (Nov 11-17) with their Frankenmonsters made from recycled boxes. The students painted their creations and wrote stories about their homes and habits. Come down to the junior end to see the crazy creatures for yourselves!
Box recycling

Rubbish, Compost & Recycling
Each classroom at Winters Flat has been given 3 signs explaining what can and cannot be put into each bin in their room. Follow the links below for a detailed copy of each sign.
Compost signs for classroom
Recycling signs for classroom
Rubbish signs for classroom





Record of Daily Waste
Winters Flat are continuing enthusiastically with their Waste Warriors campaign – our school’s goal for Enviroweek (Aug 25-31). Each classroom has been provided with a chart to monitor each day’s production of rubbish, compost and recycling (see link below). There is already a noticable change in the bins across the school, as behaviours and habits are influenced by the students’ increased knowledge and sense of responsibility. As a result of this wholeschool on-going project, students who are also monitoring the large rubbish and recylcing skips hope to report a marked decrease in their levels as well. With the evidence gathered to support this decrease in rubbish production, the scheduled emptyings of the skips can also be reduced, thereby saving the school while we help to save the environment.
Record of Daily WASTE

Waste Awareness
On Monday 6th August 2013, Prep/1M led an assembly with the aim to make the entire school aware of the serious rubbish problem that is currently in existence at Winters Flat Primary School.
In preparation for their assembly, Prep/1M did a rubbish pick-up around the school and then discussed the implications of the large amount of rubbish they found lying around in the school grounds. The students developed questions which they posed to the rest of the school about the waste problem we face, and came up with a basic rule for everyone to follow: PLEASE LEAVE YOUR RUBBISH AT HOME. Photos of the students conducting their assembly are included below, as are the questions the students came up with for the rest of the school.

Why do students drop rubbish near the trees?
• Why do students walk past rubbish and not pick it up?
• Why do students drop rubbish in hiding places e.g. under stairs, bushes and trees?
• Why do students drop rubbish next to the bin?
• Why do students drop rubbish on the ground in our school?
• Why do students drop rubbish near the flowers and plants?
• Why do students put food scraps in the rubbish bin and on the ground, when they belong in the compost bin?
• Why do students drop rubbish near the animals?

waste pic2

waste pic

Principal Mrs Rooney and Grade 6 student, Arlo Johnston, helped the Prep/1 students in their role-plays about the importance of putting your rubbish in the bin.

Principal Mary-Anne and Grade 6 student helped the Prep/1 students in their role-plays about the importance of putting your rubbish in the bin.