Winters Flat Energy Projects / Guest Speakers  – SOLAR STEVE and ENERGY BOB 2015 


Energy Bob – Origin Energy


Solar Steve – local electrician and solar expert


Student Reflections from Solar Steve

Student Reflections from Solar Steve

Winters Flat PS ENERGY SAVINGS TECHNIQUES and POLICIES – Heating and Cooling Regime, 1.2.3 Layers Program, daily weather announcements,  installed blinds, planted shade trees, ‘Turn Off’ signs around school, energy monitors, Events policy

ENERGY SAVING TECHNIQUES WFPS 2014-2015 pls see link for WFPS Energy Savings Techniques

class monitors sign

energy monitors

turn off lights

lights 1

lights 2

lights 3

right clothes sign

weather announcements

WFPS Energy Policies – pls see link for Community Leaders promoting our school Energy policies

ResourceSmart School Awards submission for ‘Energy School of the Year’ 2015

ENERGY CASE STUDY 5 STARS – pls see link for awards submission

‘Top Secret Mission’ conducted by Senior Students – ‘Are there things we can do to save energy at Winters Flat’?

Stop Secret Mission

group secret mission

We counted the highest possible outcomes… if we had left equipment on at all break times over a week that would have been

  • 165 lights (32)
  • 90 Smart-boards (8)
  • 120 Computers (8)
  • 90 Heaters (10)
  • 150 Fans (4)
  • A term later we collect the same data again… We have made some wonderful improvements!

Are there ways we can save energy at Winters Flat?

First Collection (April) Final Collection (July)
Lights 32 21
Smart Boards 8 2
Computers 8 4
Heaters 10 15 (but it is Winter!)
Fan 4 0
Conclusion: Our school has made a massive improvement in the conservation of energy during break times. The increase in use of heaters is to be expected during Winter so we are not too concerned about that increase. Well done, Winters Flat!

WFPS Senior Students Energy Data Mission pls see link for senior students Power point presentation


Energy data – pls see link for WFPS Energy Data

Energy data

Representatives of Winters Flat Sustainability Group: Peta and Kathryn

– Application submitted for Energy grant
– Energy Audit to be done, to inform which areas in the school need improvement
– Ongoing monitoring of electrical systems throughout school to maintain efficiency, eg. lights, heaters, etc
– Middle departments to make signs to encourage good energy saving practices throughout the school
– Integrated unit with focus on energy to be developed by staff and implemented in curriculum in 2014

Well done to Winters Flat Primary School for receiving the $10,000 Energy Grant!
This money will be used to conduct a professional audit of the school, and pay for the consequent energy-saving changes that need to be made at the school. Special thanks to principal Mary-Anne for doing the application.

Signs Around the School
The students in the middle department have been busy making colourful signs to be displayed around the whole school to help remind everyone to be energy efficient and turn off power points that aren’t needed.
Energy sign

New Hot Water System in Staff Room
Our Winters Flat Sustainability Group ‘Energy Team’ talked about different things the school could do to help reduce our energy use. Our Hot Water System in our staff room was discussed, especially the amount of energy it used and wanted to make a small change. We now have a new Hot Water System that has been purchased with a timer. Our hot water service now has a timer where it can be turned off after hours, weekends and holidays and will save energy!