Winters Flat Sustainability Resource List
Click on the link below for a comprehensive listing of some of the reources being used by our school community and which are available for everybody to learn from and enjoy. Thanks to Jeanette’s efforts, this list is updated regularly.
Winters Flat Sustainability Resource List

Food Miles Activity
At a PD recently, this activity was presented and run by a number of older primary students representing their school’s focus on sustainability. Click on the link for a copy of this fun and informative activity about the food we eat and where it comes from that can be done with your students or family.
Food Miles activity

Some useful websites:
ResourceSmart Schools

EPA Ecological Footprint

Winters Flat Primary School website

Winters Flat PS Facebook page

On Monday the 9th of September, the students of 3/4B ran an assembly on Sustainability. Click on the link below to watch the song that had the whole school up and dancing!

On Monday the 9th of December, the students from 3/4B featured this video in their assembly, an engaging reminder of the importance of looking after our planet:

Some great water websites recommended by our friends at Coliban Water…

Mission H2O
An fun, colourful and interactive game to help kids learn about saving water!

Smart Gardens
A useful guide to some local plants that are tough enough to survive, and flourish, in our dry climate.

This semester, our new school-wide focus is Biodiversity. Stay tuned for some amazing creations and discoveries to come…
Below is a link to a video that the school watched at the first assembly of term 3, to help engage the students in our new whole school focus. (There are many videos on offer at the Cool Australia site – to view the video enjoyed by the school, click on the small photo of the flock of ducks below the main video displayed on the page.)