Students projects on ENERGY 2015



















Wiggly Worm Farms
The students of 2/3TH are at it again! Their assembly this Monday, the 20th of October, was all about the new industrial worm farm that the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has been donated by the local council. The students performed a readers theatre that explained how worm farms work (including popping a few real live “worms” (students) into the new box!).
23TH assembly worms flatchat


On Monday the 28th of July, the students of 2/3TH performed a fantastic play called ‘The Biodisaster’ as part of their assembly. The story was about a group of loggers who had decided to cut down some trees, and the consequent reactions of the animals to losing their homes and food source. The play was funny and had some amazing, if troubling, facts about the native animals that live in the Australian bush. The resounding message at the end of the performance, was that it is up to us to help save these very special and endangered species and their homes. Well done, 2/3TH!


Water Projects
This semester, students in all classes have been discussing the broad topic of Water and have been exploring the theme in a manner of different ways. Here are some samples of the projects about animals that live in water, that students in grades 2 and 3 have completed as a conclusion to their units of work.


Signs Around the School
The students in the middle department have been busy making colourful signs to be displayed around the whole school to help remind everyone to be energy efficient and turn off power points that aren’t needed.
Energy sign


Water Cycle Project
On Monday 26th June 2013, Grade 1/2TB presented their role-play of the Water Cycle at Assembly.
It was an engaging and informative performance that followed the progress of a single drop of water in all its forms as it travelled through the water cycle. Photos of the students involved are included below.
water pic2

Students of 1/2TB present the Water Cycle

Students of 1/2TB present the Water Cycle


Sustainability – Dr Seuss style!
On Monday the 9th of September, the students of 3/4B ran an assembly on Sustainability. Click on the link below to watch the song that had the whole school up and dancing!


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