Look out for these bright posters at the Castlemaine Waste Facility (the tip) and around the school.

tip posters









Winters Flat Primary School Landcare day invitation 2016

The birdscape project  –

see students powerpoint design on the Birdscape


Thursday 2nd June 9am – 1.30pm

2016 Momentum Energy brandmark housing device RGB                     Landcare_Stacked_pos_rgb FOR WEB USE

Together with Momentum Energy and Landcare Australia, Winters Flat Primary school is having a Community Day on Thursday 2nd June, building a BridScape alongside the schools football oval.

Students have designed the Birdscape: (please see link below for the PowerPoint presentation that the students have put together)

The birdscape project

Other government and community groups will also be joining us on the day. Please stay tuned for more details to follow.


Plastic Bag 2

Plastic Bags


Wendy 5/6OBush Tucker GardenFind and identify what edible native plants already exist at school that we could use in the kitchen. Design and plant an area of the school with a bush tucker garden. Apply for grants to fund this project – this could involve students (writing or videos) in the application process. Include Koorie students and the local indigenous community in the process.



WFPS Bush Tucker Garden Project with Bunjil 2015

Jackie 5/6HDesign and build a tea garden – Design and build a tea garden that would highlight herbal tea plants. I was picturing recycled tea pots on a wall that you pour water which fills up other tea pots which then waters the plants.

Simone 4/5H-  Run and maintain the new worm farm – Students would have to monitor what is going into the worm farm (keeping the balance of carbon and nitrogen right), educate other students on how to use it and make sure the moisture levels are correct.

worm farm


Weather Station Winters FlatBuild a weather station and record results which could be put on the school website or in Flat Chat. This weather station could be automatic and linked to a computer program – we may be able find funding from an organisation for this.

weather station 2


Peta 2F– I think has put her hand up for creating environments for animals to increase our biodiversity count. Fixing up the pond in the Teardrop garden – The pond does not hold water at the moment, so will have to be pulled apart, rocks removed, new plastic put down and water plants established.

tear drop

Future Project Ideas: gathered from students

  • Using water more efficiently in the garden – Work out how best to save water and use it more efficiently around the garden. This could be putting in irrigation systems or dip feed systems made from recycled products.
  • Adopt a gardenEach class has a garden look after which would involve weeding, rubbish collection, making sure other students respect the garden during play. Similar idea to the litter areas.
  • Seedling and plant saleStudents would work out what seeds need to be grown for the upcoming season, budget for potting mix and seeds, source old pots and plants that can be propagated. Then sell them at the front of school or Castlemaine Farmers Market.
  • Lunch time garden clubSome students have talked to me about doing gardening at lunch time. I could find them a garden bed they could use. Students could run, organise and advertise the club.
  • Moon Planting – Does planting to the moon cycle work? Test and show that planting different veggies at different times in the moon cycle does work.
  • Student run garden activities during gardening classes – Students would liaise with me about the activity. They would then need to plan the activity, source resources and run it during garden class.


Stop Secret Mission

WFPS Senior Students Energy Data Mission

group secret mission

secret mission 2

Enviroweek has come around again. There are various challenges schools can sign up for; including Waste Warriors (be waste wise), Trader (share your stuff, skills, space & time), Sparky (smart energy use), Green Thumb (create & care for green spaces), Foodie (eat & drink fresh), Wild Child (connect with the outdoors). Students and teachers at Winters Flat are keen to take up the challenge and be environmentally friendly in a fun and active way!

Recycle Your Batteries
The Mount Alexander Sustainability Group has reached out to Winters Flat to be part of their battery recycling program. Currently at the office, there is a white container in which people are encouraged to come and put in there used batteries. These batteries are then collected by a member of the Mount Alexander group, and will be taken to be recycled into new batteries. A list of the types of batteries suitable for this drop-off/collection system are also available at the office.

Seed Planting
On Wednesday the 2nd of April, members of Friends of Campbell’s Creek came to work with students in grades prep to four. The students in each class were put into two groups where they learned about insects that live in creeks and about the local grasses and plants that are found in our local creek area. Our visitors will return later in the year to help the students transplant the grasses that they potted into the creek environment.

Coliban Water Day
Rob from Coliban Water is coming to Winters Flat to work with the students on some fun and interactive water activities. The senior students are going to be involved in a ‘Taps & Toilets’ session on the 6th of March, where they will be working together to learn about and construct water pipe systems. On the 8th of March, students in grades prep to 3 are going to learn about water use in the home, Wizzy the Waterdrop and his adventures along the water cycle, as well as enjoy a ‘Cathment in the Sandpit’ session that explains how a water way is used and adpated over time as people build up farms and towns around it.

“Catchment in the Sandpit” with Rob from Coliban Water

Clean Up Australia Day
The students at Winters Flat were involved in a school-wide tidy up of the yard as a reminder to keep our school environment clean and healthy.

Little Green Wagon
The Little Green Wagon has come to Winters Flat! This trailer is packed full of fun resources, games and activities for the teachers and students to go through based on themes relating to Sustainability, Biodiversity, Waste, Water and Energy.

Winters Flat Sustainability Ideas – Students, Teachers & Parents
The 5/6 students at Winters Flat Primary School collected and collated everybody’s ideas on “What’s Happening Now” and also our “Future Plans” for implementing and maintaining sustainable practices at our school. Click on the links below to view a summary of the students’ ideas, as well as the parents and teachers’ ideas.
Summary of Students Ideas
Winters Flat Sustainability – Staff and Parents ideas

National Recycling Week
National Recycling Week is on from the 11th to the 17th of November. The overall aim for National Recycling Week is: ‘To increase the environmental benefits, including greater tonnage and less contamination, of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs’. Click on the link below for more details.
National Recycling Week 11th – 17th Nov 2013
national recycling week

Rubbish Zones
Winters Flat Primary School has been divided up into zones assigned to individual classes. The students in these classes are in charge of monitoring any rubbish that is left in their area, with the hopes of encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their waste and remember the new school motto: Please Leave Your Rubbish at Home!
Click on the link to view a map of the school grounds marked with the classes that has been allocated to care for each zone:
“Care for Zones” map
P1A RubbishPickup

Students caring for their

Students caring for their “zone” in a weekly rubbish pick-up

Record of Daily Waste
Winters Flat are continuing enthusiastically with their Waste Warriors campaign – our school’s goal for Enviroweek (Aug 25-31). Each classroom has been provided with a chart to monitor each day’s production of rubbish, compost and recycling (see link below). There is already a noticable change in the bins across the school, as behaviours and habits are influenced by the students’ increased knowledge and sense of responsibility. As a result of this wholeschool on-going project, students who are also monitoring the large rubbish and recylcing skips hope to report a marked decrease in their levels as well. With the evidence gathered to support this decrease in rubbish production, the scheduled emptyings of the skips can also be reduced, thereby saving the school while we help to save the environment.
Record of Daily WASTE

3 Bin Policy
At Winters Flat Primary School there is the expectation that every room in the school is equipped with three bins – a compost bucket, a recycling bin (the largest container) and a rubbish bin (the smallest). With the new initiative for everyone to Please Leave Your Rubbish at Home, it is to be hoped that one day there will be no need for a rubbish bin at all in classrooms. Until then, the students are conducting ‘Rubbish Audits’ to examine the contents of their bins. This activity allows to students to clearly see what is being put into the bins provided, and indeed if people are using the bins correctly. With regular examinations, students can monitor their waste practises and attempt to improve their recycling habits.

An example of the 3-sized bin policy being used at Winters Flat

An example of the 3-sized bin policy being used at Winters Flat.

Students conducting a 'Rubbish Audit'.

Students conducting a ‘Rubbish Audit’.

Signs Around the School
The students in the Junior, Middle and Senior parts of the school have each been delegated a module of our Sustainability program about which they are going to promote awareness throughout the school. The Senior students are developing signage to remind everyone about the three bin system in place at Winters Flat Primary School – recycling, compost and rubbish (the smallest bin in each classroom). The Middle department are in charge of designing signs to encourage others to save energy at school and at home. The Junior kids are creating signs about saving water to be put up around the school. The students are excited about their active role in helping our school community to become more sustainability conscious.

Prep/1A's Water Signs

Prep/1A’s Water Signs

Prep/1M's Water Signs

Prep/1M’s Water Signs

Prep/1J Biodiversity Signs

Prep/1J Biodiversity Signs

An example of the energy-saving signs designed by the middle school students.

An example of the energy-saving signs designed by the middle school students.

Biodiversity Audit
Our Biodiversity audit is underway! With the help of Mat and Aleshia, Winters Flat Primary School will soon have data explaining all the living things and different types of ecosystems that make up our school environment. With this information, the Sustainability Group and other members of the school community can begin to work on conserving and encouraging the different resources and areas at Winters Flat.

The students of 4/5F have also completed their own Biodiversity Audit. To view their findings, click on the link below:
Biodiversity Assessment

What’s Your Ecological Footprint?
We are encouraging everyone at Winters Flat Primary School and the wider community to calculate their Ecological Footprint. By taking the time to reflect on how much our day-to-day lives impact upon the earth, we can hopefully all begin to take responsibility for our role in preserving our environment and that of future generations.
Follow the link to the EPA website and find out how large a footprint your family is generating: