Students in 5/6F investigated the properties of materials, decomposition and degradability vs biodegradability. We learned about fair testing and how to make home-made plastic!



Bird Feeders
The senior students have recently completed a project to design and build their own functional bird feeder, which are now hanging up and in use around the school grounds. These colourful inventions had to be made with reusable materials and with the expectation that the structure could withstand the outdoor elements. Good thinking, 4/5/6s!!
bird feeders
bird feeders 2

Tree Planting
To take up the Green Thumb Challenge for Enviroweek, students at Winters Flat have planted some new trees. The three Prep/1 classes and their 4/5 and 5/6 Cobber grades, teamed up on Wednesday the 20th of August to plant some natives on the oval. After planting and watering their tree together, the partners then went on a nature scavenger hunt. The students and teachers all had a great time on one of the first really sunny days we’ve had for a while, and will continue to watch over our new baby trees as they grow.

The Year Projects
To help kick-start our school-wide Biodiversity focus this semester, the students of 5/6O have created some colourful and imformative posters about the year. To view a few samples, click on the link below.
5 6 O The Year projects

Water Projects
This semester, students in all classes have been discussing the broad topic of Water and have been exploring the theme in a manner of different ways. Here are some samples of the water ways dioramas students in grades 5 and 6 have completed as a conclusion to their units of work.

Pollution Awareness at Assembly
On Monday the 16th of June, the students of 4/5F presented an interactive demonstration of how a river system can become polluted. With two fish tanks on display in front of the whole school, the students proceeded to tell a story detailed how, bit by bit, a river can become polluted due to the actions of humans living nearby. To effectively illustrate their information, the students took turns to add pollutants to one of the fish tanks, so it was easy to see how the water was affected at each stage of the process. The students had reflected on their feelings about the pollution of river systems, and had created posters to encourage people to act responsible around our water ways. What a fantastic presentation; thank you, 4/5F!




Work on WATER
This term all classes at Winters Flat are exploring ‘Water’ in all it’s different forms. Have a look at these amazing Water Cycle collages done by the students in 5/6O to help their Cobbers in Prep/1M…

Cobbers WaterCycle

Transport Survey
One of the requirements in order to reach 5 STAR Sustainability Certification, is to conduct a transport survey. The senior students went around to each classroom and noted down how each person at Winters Flat gets to school, how far they travel, and what kind of fuel their vehicle uses. To view the information that have gathered, click on the link below:
Transport Survey

Biodiversity Audit
The students of 4/5F have completed their own Biodiversity Audit. To view their findings, click on the link below:
Biodiversity Assessment


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