Students work on ENERGY 2015






Learning About Biodiversity 2014
The prep and grade one students have started to look at Biodiversity as part of the whole school focus this semester. We have kick started our focus with a unit of work on Living and Non-Living Things. Have a look at some of the great ideas the students came up with when brainstorming about Biodiversity, and stay tuned for our amazing work on Aussie Animals in Term 4!




Tree Planting
To take up the Green Thumb Challenge for Enviroweek, students at Winters Flat have planted some new trees. The three Prep/1 classes and their 4/5 and 5/6 Cobber grades, teamed up on Wednesday the 20th of August to plant some natives on the oval. After planting and watering their tree together, the partners then went on a nature scavenger hunt. The students and teachers all had a great time on one of the first really sunny days we’ve had for a while, and will continue to watch over our new baby trees as they grow.

Tiddalik Teaches Us About Water…
Following their work on a Water themed unit of work, the Prep/1 students performed a play about Tiddalik the greedy frog at their assembly on Monday the 5th of May.

Seed Planting
Students of Prep/1J made these reflections about their seed planting session…

Work on WATER
This term all classes at Winters Flat are exploring ‘Water’ in all it’s different forms. Have a look at this wall display from Prep/1M’s classroom to colourfully help the students who are learning about the Water Cycle…
P1M Watercycle

Clean Up Australia Day
The students at Winters Flat were involved in a school-wide tidy up of the yard as a reminder to keep our school environment clean and healthy.

Prep/1A cleaned up their "zone" on the oval.

Prep/1A cleaned up their “zone” on the oval.

Freaky Box Construction
Students in Prep/1J are getting a head start on National Recycling Week (Nov 11-17) with their Frankenmonsters made from recycled boxes. The students painted their creations and wrote stories about their homes and habits. Come down to the junior end to see the crazy creatures for yourselves!
Box recycling

Water Signs
Prep and Grade 1 students have designed signs to go up around the school to remind people to use water responsibly. The first step was a tour around the school as the students recorded the various modes of water use – taps over sinks, toilets, drinking bubblers, garden taps, etc. The students then brainstormed different messages they wanted to convey to the rest of the school and set to work making colourful, eye-catching and informative signs. These signs will be lamenated and put up around the school to remind everyone to save water.
P1A WaterSigns
P1M Watersigns

Waste Awareness
On Monday 6th August 2013, Prep/1M led an assembly with the aim to make the entire school aware of the serious rubbish problem that is currently in existence at Winters Flat Primary School.
In preparation for their assembly, Prep/1M did a rubbish pick-up around the school and then discussed the implications of the large amount of rubbish they found lying around in the school grounds. The students developed questions which they posed to the rest of the school about the waste problem we face, and came up with a basic rule for everyone to follow: PLEASE LEAVE YOUR RUBBISH AT HOME. Photos of the students conducting their assembly are included below, as are the questions the students came up with for the rest of the school.

Why do students drop rubbish near the trees?
• Why do students walk past rubbish and not pick it up?
• Why do students drop rubbish in hiding places e.g. under stairs, bushes and trees?
• Why do students drop rubbish next to the bin?
• Why do students drop rubbish on the ground in our school?
• Why do students drop rubbish near the flowers and plants?
• Why do students put food scraps in the rubbish bin and on the ground, when they belong in the compost bin?
• Why do students drop rubbish near the animals?

waste pic2

waste pic

Principal Mary-Anne and Grade 6 student, Arlo, helped the Prep/1 students in their role-plays about the importance of putting your rubbish in the bin.

Principal and Grade 6 student helped the Prep/1 students in their role-plays about the importance of putting your rubbish in the bin.

Nesting Boxes Project
In 2012, prep and grade 1 students at Winters Flat Primary School were involved in building nesting boxes from recyclable materials as part of a unit of work called “Home Among the Gumtrees”. The nesting boxes, which are still being visibly used by various native wildlife, continue to engage the students and help to build their knowledge of their local environment. To view a copy of a local newspaper article detailing the project at the time, click on the link below:
Local Newspaper Article – Bird Boxes
See below for more photos of the students and teachers involved in the project:


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